Hola, I’m Hillary and welcome to LovedbyHills. We're on a new adventure in Nor Cal. We recently moved from our 2 year stay in in beautiful Southern California, where the sun always shines! Originally from IDAHO, and still in love with both of those places! Still getting use to Nor Cal and trying to find our groove. I am married to the sweetest man I know! One of our favorite things is getting outside, going on hikes and camping! We have a new found love for National Parks.
I am a Proverbs 31 girl and God is number one in our home. My current career is Dental Assisting (which is so fun) but I dream of the day when I can be a stay at home mom. We are expecting our first child this February! We couldn't be more excited for little Grace to arrive. Shes going to love our adventures!

I am creating this blog to keep up with family and friends! I'm not really sure how much business I have writing a blog because writing isn't a strong suite of mine. I needed a hobby- something to challenge my mind creatively. So blogging it is! 

I am excited to share my journey, faith and marriage with you all!