About me

Hola, I’m Hillary and welcome to LovedbyHills. I reside in beautiful Southern California, where the sun always shines! Originally from IDAHO, and still in love with it! I am married to the sweetest man I know, who in fact loves when I cookbake and…cook again! I am a proverbs 31 girl and God is number one in our home. My current career is Dental Assisting (Which is so fun).  But, I dream of the day when I can be a stay at home mom. We don't currently have any little ones, but we hope to raise the cutest little children one day! We kind of  already have their names picked out? Is that bad? Okay, okay, only the first 2 names!! Anyways, we really are happy right now and are living up the single life until then. 

LovedbyHills is where you may find encouragement, crafty Ideas, marriage topics, & some of the best recipes I know. (Thanks Grams)  I am not a professional writer, blogger, designer or even a high end chef. (I know right, I'm sorry). But I say, find something you love, something you're passionate about and go for it. For me, that’s blogging. Plus, It’s a good excuse to buy a MacBook and a camera right? Okay, I might have some saving to do. My husband is on board though. (Score) I am so excited you found your way to my blog and I really hope you enjoy! 

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