Getting lost in Yosemite "volg"

Our new go to oasis. Every chance we get we're road tripping to Yosemite. I mean, we are only 3 1/2 hours away. We have to! 

On this particular trip we took a day hike with friends up to north dome. On our way back, half of us decided to take a "short cut" back to our camp site and the other half decided to take the same trail we came on. My husband and I were part of the "short cut" crew. Still plenty of day light left we headed down north dome knowing their should be a trail head soon.

I think i'll let the video explain the rest... 

Zion and Bryce Canyon National Park

At it again! Our love for national parks isn't stopping anytime soon! So far, Zion is my favorite! The rocks, the size, the color so much beauty. Driving through you catch yourself humming Rascal Flatts songs. That's how much it feels like you're in Cars Land!

We stayed in a cozy little cabin with friends, ate Hoe-made apple pies, stayed up all night playing bored games laughing. Awoke before sunrise, hiked in freezing weather, saw beauty, felt peace, fell in love. Hiked through the narrows of Zion for hours, had lightsaber battles with our walking sticks, fell and got soaking wet. Repeat. Although we may have not captured all those fun memories on video, here is what we did capture. I hope this encourages you to get out and explore! We live in a beautiful world!

We love the Philippines

Wow. The Philippines is paradise! The water, the land and the people. 
Oh, the mango's too. Don't forget the mango's.

My husband and I traveled to El Nido on the Island of Palawan. The only thing we regret is not getting more footage. When you arrive at the little bamboo shack airport in El Nido, five older women and one guitar playing gentleman will welcome you by singing! It was the sweetest thing. El Nido is a fun little town with a lot of food and little shops. They drive motorized tricycles, dirt bikes and scooters everywhere and no, they do not stop for pedestrians! Down town itself is not so beautiful. It is a 3rd world country so that explains it BUT... when you walk to the beach, your world is changed! The water, it's so clear, so blue and very warm. Bad news, there were a lot jellyfish! Good news, a local informed me that jellyfish are our friends and that if I got stung it would feel similar to a mosquito bite. (Okay, I can handle that. Time to swim!) We went on two tours during our stay. I highly recommend going on tours. They have about 45 islands surrounding El Nido. Taking tours allows you to island hop, see amazing sites, swim, snorkel, kayak and they provide an excellent Filipino lunch which you will eat on a beautiful beach with the softest sand. How much better could it get? Not much!  We did tour A and tour C ← (Click this link for more info on tour A and C. This guy has a rad blog post about it!) I highly recommend bringing a long sleeve water shirt if you're white like us! HAHA snorkeling got us bad but so worth it! 
We stayed at a resort called Matinloc Shrine. It was a 45 minute boat ride from El Nido. WOW. Worth every penny. Amazing food, an infinity pool and just a wonderful atmosphere! They are getting 5 stars, that's for sure!

All in all we had such a great adventure. We recommend the Philippines to everyone we know. Honestly pictures and videos doesn't even do it justice! To see the Philippines in person is magical!

Enjoy our adventure video of the Philippines! 



In July of 2014 I had the opportunity to travel with a team from Lake City Community Church and film during a medical missions trip in Honduras. We were able to do 10 medical/dental brigades in 10 different locations in just five days. Honduras is a developing country filled with beautiful landscapes offset by extreme poverty. It was a life changing experience getting outside of the United States and gaining a perspective on how other people live. It gave me a whole new appreciation for the things I take for granted, and a sense of responsibility to help others. I highly encourage anyone whose watching to asses their current situation and find ways to be grateful and to help others.

Music - "Fix My Eyes" by King & Country

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The Grand Canyon

Lately my husband and I have become fascinated with National Parks. Actually, anything to get us out of our studio apartment for that matter. Getting out and seeing Gods breath taking creation is becoming a bigger and bigger desire for us. I mean, we live in Laguna Beach so we are surrounded by Gods beauty every moment. But there is something about camping, and having no internet access that really calms your soul. We have decided to document our trips because we have so much fun doing so. And yes, this back ground music is to Bethel.  I praise God for being able to travel, and also praise him because of all the beauty we are surrounded with.