We love the Philippines

Wow. The Philippines is paradise! The water, the land and the people. 
Oh, the mango's too. Don't forget the mango's.

My husband and I traveled to El Nido on the Island of Palawan. The only thing we regret is not getting more footage. When you arrive at the little bamboo shack airport in El Nido, five older women and one guitar playing gentleman will welcome you by singing! It was the sweetest thing. El Nido is a fun little town with a lot of food and little shops. They drive motorized tricycles, dirt bikes and scooters everywhere and no, they do not stop for pedestrians! Down town itself is not so beautiful. It is a 3rd world country so that explains it BUT... when you walk to the beach, your world is changed! The water, it's so clear, so blue and very warm. Bad news, there were a lot jellyfish! Good news, a local informed me that jellyfish are our friends and that if I got stung it would feel similar to a mosquito bite. (Okay, I can handle that. Time to swim!) We went on two tours during our stay. I highly recommend going on tours. They have about 45 islands surrounding El Nido. Taking tours allows you to island hop, see amazing sites, swim, snorkel, kayak and they provide an excellent Filipino lunch which you will eat on a beautiful beach with the softest sand. How much better could it get? Not much!  We did tour A and tour C ← (Click this link for more info on tour A and C. This guy has a rad blog post about it!) I highly recommend bringing a long sleeve water shirt if you're white like us! HAHA snorkeling got us bad but so worth it! 
We stayed at a resort called Matinloc Shrine. It was a 45 minute boat ride from El Nido. WOW. Worth every penny. Amazing food, an infinity pool and just a wonderful atmosphere! They are getting 5 stars, that's for sure!

All in all we had such a great adventure. We recommend the Philippines to everyone we know. Honestly pictures and videos doesn't even do it justice! To see the Philippines in person is magical!

Enjoy our adventure video of the Philippines!