This morning I had a memory that kept flashing in my head. It soon became heavy on my heart.
You see, in Honduras when the weekly trash pickups are scheduled, a truck (way smaller and less technical than our waste management) drives in the middle of the road at a low speed, it never quite stops. Citizens toss up their trash to the truck bed where 2 men catch the garbage bags. Then they take a blade and vigorously slice open each and every bag they receive. No gloves, no masks and no suits. These two men are considered to have one of the best jobs to many people. You know why? It's because they are able to go through the trash before anyone else. First pick means that they have the chance to find food for their families and themselves. They may find clothing or common household goods to sell. You have to understand that a third world country's trash is not like ours. For starters, they cannot flush their toilet paper. So the majority of what's in their trash is filled with germs from using the restroom. They are poor, they don't waste food, they don't get rid of semi-used clothes. Everything in their trash is literally trash to them. These men haul all the torn up bags to the local dump. Crowds then cluster around this truck ready to do exactly what the first two guys did, they fiercely dig. This second hand pick is where their next meal will be coming from, shelter for their huts and clothing to wear. You see tiny humans walking around barefoot trying to survive, mothers nursing their infants, crows circling them from above and cows grazing in the garbage. These beautiful people are considered the lowest of the low in Honduras. No one wants them, people hate them. If you are born there, you are most likely staying there hoping for the chance to someday be that man in the truck bed, collecting garbage. First come first serve. I sat in the bus staring out the window heartbroken in disbelief that in this day and age, people still live like this. The church/group we went with have friends that have started a school at the base of the dump. Children are now able to learn, they have dreams of becoming doctors, their futures are changing! So today when you find yourself uncomfortable with life, remember, we are beyond blessed in America. I encourage you to donate to your friends who are called to go on mission trips. They are going there to love people, to help encourage and change lives for the better, providing food and water but most of all; Jesus. 

1 peter 4:10
10 Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.