My husband and I are blessed with being able to be pass holders to Disneyland! Many date nights are had, fun times and I suppose you can add in there, exercise. (From all that walking!) Here is a list of our favorite rides in the parks!


Indiana Jones (SO FUN)

Star Tours (Yes, your husband will LOVE this)

Space mountain or (HYPERSPACE MOUNTAIN) 

Splash Mountain (Hub's Favorite)


California Screamin'. Roller Coaster.  

Toy Story Midway Mania! A fun ride that's also a competitive game! 


The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Can't go wrong there! (Thrill)

Animation academy. If you like to draw go here! They draw different characters through out the day. They take you step by step. The class probably around 20 minutes long.  (Near the Aladdin show)  

Having season passes to Disneyland is such a blessing. Growing up poor, I never dreamed of ever being able to visit Disneyland, let alone being able to be a pass holder!

What are some of your favorite rides or things to do at Disneyland?!




Whether you've been going to Disneyland since you were little, a few years or your first time is yet to come, tips are always helpful! My husband and are currently pass holders! Here are some helpful tips I've learned along the way. 

Download MouseWait or the Disneyland app.

  • This app has the wait times for everything! (I currently prefer MouseWait. I feel it's easier to navigate.)

Park in the Toy Story parking lot.

  • From the Toy Story parking lot, you will take a very short bus ride to the entrance of Disneyland. If you park in the parking structure, It can sometimes be a hassle, especially when you want to leave at the end of the night, traffic gets backed up in there! All Disney parking is $18 for the day :( If you stay in a hotel close by, you can walk!!

Pack a lot of snacks and water.

  • If you don't want to pay an arm and a leg for food and water, pack it!  (Yes, you may bring food and water in the park, thank goodness!) 

Pack hot food in tin foil or a canister.

  • If you are on a budget, one meal idea is to make meatballs and sauce, keep hot in a canister, bring bread buns, then eat when you get hungry. Or pack a hot pocket in tinfoil. It will keep warm for awhile. 

Share meals.

  • A lot of the parks meals come with a decent amount of food. The Alfredo pasta $11 from pizza port  is shareable if semi hungry or the Monte Cristo $18.99 from Blue Bayou Cafe is a filler for sure!! And so delish! (Best dish I've had thus far from Disneyland) 

Go early.

  • If your visiting from afar, be sure to go when the park opens. Less people equals less wait times. (YAY)

Fast passes for Radiator Spring Racers right away!

  • When California Adventure opens, rush to Radiator Springs fast-pass section before anything! Fast-passes go QUICK! Trust me, your kids are going to want to ride this! It's beyond AWESOME.

Singles line.

  • If you didn't get fast passes to Radiator Spring Racers, go to the singles line. I know many people who do this. The wait time for the normal line is usually over a 60 minute wait. Wait time for singles can be 15 minutes. Sometimes you get on the same car as your partner or a car behind. Its a fast way to experience the ride!

Toy Story Midway Mania in California Adventure is definitely worth the wait.

  • What's cool about this ride is that it's fun for the whole family! Waiting 60 minutes isn't very fun, I agree. But, you have to do it. You'll have so much fun!

Avoid going on holidays

  • The population numbers are way down during these times compared to the busier times of the year. Like, summer, spring break, and Christmas! 

Go during the week.

  • Friday-Sunday it's buck. If you are traveling, try to go during the week! Everyone is at work so there is hardly a crowd. Which means, less wait times! YAY. Monday-Thursday is perfect!

See the fireworks.

  • If you've never seen Disney's famous firework show at night. DO IT! It is beautiful!

Take advantage of fast lines during the firework show.

  • If you've seen the beautiful firework show, go ride some rides! The lines dwindle down because everyone is by the castle watching the show!

See the Aladdin show.

  • The Aladdin show is definitely our favorite show at Disney. It's a 45 minute showing. It's family friendly.(Like everything else at Disneyland, Haha) I'm sure will be laughing the whole time! Also, it's a good break from all that walking you've been doing! 

Any fun tips you know about? I would love to hear them!!