Remington and I are from very small towns in Idaho. Connecting with people was difficult, if you wanted something new at least. The easiest way to meet people was online. We had become friends on myspace due to having mutual friends in 2009.  (I had a pretty cool profile so i'm sure that helped!) I was a Junior in high school, and he was a senior in online highschool. We started chatting "just as friends" here and there. He was very funny, and held a good conversation, which I enjoyed. I had a boyfriend around this time, I remember texting Remington about him. Nothing crazy, just the mentioning of. Soon later, we ended up exchanging phone numbers because we had been commenting on each others profile so much it was getting hard to keep track. We literally would text all day. Sometimes before school, during school and after school, up until bed time.  We never talked as if we were dating. It was always just fun friendly conversations. I remember texting Rem telling him that Tyler and I had broken up, I was a mess. Rem said some kind words. (Of course, he was stoked) He actually had a girlfriend for the next couple of months so we talked a little less during those (Dark times). But, we still talked. After they broke up in February we started texting a little more. When April rolled around we both thought, why have we been talking for so long (about 5 months) and have never met. We decided to meet up and go snowboarding. Of course we brought friends along so it wouldn't be awkward. It was so weird putting a voice to a face I had known for so long. Remington is a really good snowboarder. He likes to say "start off with your strengths" so he can impress. And he did. He looked so cute in that snowboarding gear too. I had never been snowboarding, but boy was I a trooper. I impressed him too.  We had such a fun time up at the ski resort that the next day, Sunday, we went to church together and ended up hanging out the rest of the day. From that moment on, I had found a new best friend. Literally all summer we hung out about 4-5 times a week. It would be me, Rem and Edwin (Rems best friend). It was a little awkward the first day we hung out alone towards the end of the summer, Just me and his family, and game night. Not having his best friend there made it a little more intimate you could say. I knew that Remington was crushing hard, I had heard through the vine (We met on myspace, really think he would tell me in person?) My friends would ask if I was crushing on him. I really didnt. I never pictured myself dating him. He was my BEST FRIEND and that's it. Well soon enough, he sent me this long message over myspace expressing to me... basically of his love. I waited all day to reply, it was so awkward. What do you tell someone who you don't like in that sort of way? So at the end of the day, I built up some courage and replied letting him know that I only think of him as a friend. We decided to stop hanging out so much because he needed time to get over me. And how could he do that if we talked and hung out so much? A couple weeks went by and I noticed that I had been missing our conversations and being around him. So I messaged him asking if he wanted to hang out so we could talk! After our talk, we decided to go on a date. Our first official date. We went mini golfing, and bowling! It was so much fun. It was weird when he dropped me off because I thought to myself, do I hug him? I had never done that before. The next day we made it offical and became Boyfriend & girlfriend Sept 7 2010. 


Sept 7th 2010. The first day of my senior year. When he asked me out I told my sister "Well, I guess i'll give it a shot. Its not like he is my prince charming." Boy was I wrong. He is the most thoughtful, caring, genuine person I know. Our first Kiss was on Oct 2nd after the homecoming dance. It was at that awkward stage where you both know you want to kiss but are too nervous. We stood in my driveway talking for a good 30 minutes untill we worked up the courage to give a simple kiss. A couple months later Rem ended moving out of his house and up to his best friends house so that I could move in with his mom. I didn't have a great home life and he knew his mom would take such great care of me. She is the sweetest! So I lived there for about 6 months untill I graduated high school. Then all 3 of us moved about an hour away to a slightly bigger city. I was able to move in with my grandparents (Such a blessing) and go to college. While Rem lived with his mom. 9 months after we started dating is when we first said the big "I Love You" June 28 2011. We knew we loved each other before that moment. But Remington wanted to make it special when he told me, a moment to remember! Another year went by and I found myself really thinking about marrying this man. I couldn't get it out of my head. I was really in love!


April 21 2013 was one of my most memorable days. I remember the day before we got engaged we had such a good time together. We drove up to our home town, ate at one of the best Mexican places we've ever eaten at, Joles. We went to the movies and later that night went bowling with some of our friends. At this stage in our relationship I would more then drop hints. We were bowling and I saw a married couple. I said "They're one of the lucky ones" and everyone laughed and played along. (Every one of our friends knew tomorrow was the big day, I had no clue). So the next day, Sunday, Remington and our friend picked me up for church. (I hate driving, so this was a typical Sunday). During the end of worship Remington ran to bathroom, he pees literally all day, he had been gone a good 5 minutes though, so I thought, where the heck is he? Then the lights dimmed and a video started playing on the big screen. Remington worked for the church doing media type things. So he was able to make our engagement video and play it in one of our favorite places where most of our friends were. I didn't realize what was going on until half way through the video. It was the cutest. He made a video of how we met, and our favorite dates in chronological order. I'll just let you watch the video yourself. After the engagement I had to sit through the whole church service!! Boy was that hard! After church everyone was coming up and saying congratulations. I started to see family members, our closest friends, and my BEST FRIEND from NC, across the US. When I saw her, I couldn't hold in my happy tears. I was overwhelmed with the amount of love and effort that went into our engagement<3 We were engaged for 4 1/2 months and got married on our 3rd year anniversary. 

Here is our Engagement Video Remington made!


Sept 7th 2013 we tied the knot. Best day ever! Here is our wedding video!